A great teacher

Hong Guang

Time flies, I just cannot believe that I have followed painting lessons with Maud for 6 years!


Thanks to Maud, I have grown from an overcautious novice to a more confident and creative student.

Once I read the following text on internet, I immediately associated it with my teacher Maud Quaedvlieg:
"A great art teacher inspires the student first, and guides the student to develop creativity and technique to discover his own style."


Though I know that a few words cannot express my feelings of my gratitude to Maud, I still want to write a few lines to thank her for her encouragement and help over the past 6 years.

Maud has almost 30 years of experience in teaching. She knows each of our strengths and weaknesses. She understands perfectly each of our needs, interests and goals. She motivates and stimulates us to discover our own potentials and makes us suggestions on different techniques through in depth explanation and on site demonstration. All this I learned and experienced over the 6 years. It is no way for me to get this from any art books. I still remember the first time when she motivated me to break out of my comfort zone!

Maud is a beauty lady, both inner and outer, with a wonderful personality. She is aware of a wide scope of art styles, through history as well as contemporary arts, and likes to share the knowledge with us regularly. She is respectful to each one of us to have our own pace and sense of beauty. She is constructively critical of my works so that I can gradually identify my own weaknesses and build my own strengths.

Our atelier has been moved around several times over the passed 6 years, small or big, Maud always makes it a place full of inspiration. A dry branch, a bunch of flowers or a few pretty little stones…, she always manages to create a wonderful environment for us. Even our toilet signs are so creative and unique.


She has never been precious about her atelier being covered in paint. Accompanied with beautiful music I feel the comfortableness, the harmony and the fun of each of my painting lessons, enjoyed and inspirited from the beginning to the end of each lesson! Her painting lesson is much more beyond increasing painting knowledge and skills. It is inspiring and fun, it already became one of the rhythms of my life.

They say that a great art teacher is a good student himself/herself who is always willing to expand his/her horizon by developing his/her current artistic skills set by trying new mediums and technique, learning a variety of genres. Maud is definitely such a great teacher. Even recently she followed a Chinese/Japanese painting workshop. Now she still keeps on learning and practicing this Eastern art technique.

I don’t have the capability to comment on her works, but I do love them. I really appreciate her colorful, scenery, mysterious and unique works, with profound meaning, thought-provoking and appeals to the imagination. For me every piece of her work is eye-catching and memorable. One can appreciate her work here.

I’m sure that I can continue learning more from her and make progress. I’m sure that she’ll be a great artist besides being a great teach. I’m so lucky to have her as my teacher. So thankful!


^ Naar boven